Data Warehousing With a Brain

Your business just got smarter. At 0x18 we offer everything you need to effortlessly manage and analyze numerical data. It's like Grafana and Prometheus, but architected to be a primary data store with intelligence - going beyond traditional metrics and finance to cater to a wide range of use cases.

Seamlessly manage your numerical data.

Integrate 0x18 directly into your products as a stateful primary data store for real-time insights.

Our technology is immutable, idempotent, auditable & underpinned with cutting-edge technologies.

0x18's high precision capability allow your platforms to support a myriad of different use cases.

For every balance, anywhere, anytime, effortlessly integrate our API or official SDKs.

Track changes to your numerical records with our Audit Trail, ensuring data security and integrity.

Make informed decisions with our powerful analytics and insights. (Coming Soon)


Rewards Programs

If you're looking to add a rewards program to your application, let 0x18 take care of the points per transaction. With our low-code solution, you can put development energy into building your program and marketing campaigns instead of data logistics.


Example Use Case


For marketing campaigns that help customers become evangelists through learning about your systems, let us handle your points and rewards tracking. With our ledger system, it's simple to ping the ledger to mint points based on specific events or triggers. From our dashboard, you can easily track the success of the campaign and feed user data back to their accounts.


Example Use Case


Consider all the data moving to and from your account from the grid. Whether you are producing renewable energy on your property or you're building apps to help distribute energy across the country, storing and managing every transaction doesn't have to be complicated. With 0x18, we store the information so you can deliver on-the-spot information to your clients.


Example Use Cases

Climate, Industry

For supply chain management applications, we serve as your data warehouse. With a few clicks, you can hook up your APIs to push data to our servers, customize the categorization and metadata, and then configure the output to fit your reporting schemas. Increase transparency by sending verified data to the blockchain to expose it to your customers.

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0x18 specializes in high volume and precision based enterprise grade software. We are a team of forward-thinkers who have designed our feature-sets to grant your business the power of future-proofing its revenue generation, payment and billing strategies through fast and efficient implementable APIs and SDKs. We have extensive experience in cryptocurrency, accounting, banking and fintech including but not limited to the world of web2 and web3.


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